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Tranquilizing and relaxing collar for dogs | Dandy's Store

Tranquilizing and relaxing collar for dogs | Dandy's Store

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Calming collar for dogs | Dandy's Store

Relaxing collar for dogs made with essential oils, relaxes, relieves upset moods and prevents inappropriate behavior. 

 Delivery within 14 days of order processing

Tranquility collar 

Pet Collars: Soothing cat collars reduce excessive meowing in cats, reduce stress and relieve upset moods.

Eliminate Unnecessary Behaviors: The comfort of the collar helps prevent inappropriate marking and unnecessary scratching.

Safe and Effective: Made of natural plant essential oils, safe and non-toxic, fast and durable.

Adjustable size: Our calm collars are flexible and therefore suitable for almost all types of dogs and cats.

Simple: just place the collar on your pet's neck and it will last approximately 60 days.

Size: Approx. 62cm/24.4inch
Material: plant essential oil
Weight: about 45g
Suitable for: universal dog and cat
Lasting protection: 2 months

1. Soothes and calms pets' emotions and relieves stress.
2. Free size adjustable cutting.

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