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Glamorous, elegant, classic and stylish clothing and accessories for your pet.

This e-commerce was created to help all the less fortunate furry ones of my Dandy. A portion of the proceeds from sales will be donated to those who volunteer to help animals in distress.

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Meet my Dandy

Dandy is my toy poodle who accompanies me every minute of the day every day, working from home he never gives up.

This e-commerce was created in order to help all the less fortunate pets of Dandy, a part of the proceeds from sales will be donated to organizations and associations that volunteer to help animals in difficulty.


Theirs is the deepest good.

'Who hasn't had a dog does not know what it means to be loved '(Schopenhauer)


They don't have the right to suffer

Help me help.

A part of the sales will be donated to associations and organizations that deal with rescuing animals in difficulty.

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What they say about us

A while ago I met a wonderful woman who never stops, a sincere, clean woman, a woman who transmits positivity and joy from every pore of her skin. She never stops, she is a volcano of ideas and her latest creation takes shape from the love for animals: a wonderful and very tasty e-commerce for all furry pets, to shop and donate part of the proceeds to charity at the same time ... Well, what about ....Maria Cristina Ligorio IN THE MOUTH OF THE WOLF E CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Alessandra Giansante

"Helping people who work hard every day for animals in need makes me feel really good"


In this shop I find truly original objects and clothing for my love and then by buying I do good, I am satisfied


"Initiatives like these must be rewarded .. buying here I found super advantageous prices and selected items"