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Scratching frame for climbing for cats. Cat gym with jumping platform.

Scratching frame for climbing for cats. Cat gym with jumping platform.

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Material: wood + sisal + plush


100% high quality.

Made with qualified materials, outdated quality, safe and harmless.

Elegant design, exquisite style, high quality, low price and high cost performance.

Easy to use, practical and resistant.

It is the first choice for cat climbing structures.

Product: Sisal column cat climbing frame

Material: wood + sisal + plush

Color: random color

Size: 20cm * 20cm * 18.5cm


Anyone who loves cats knows that cats like to climb high.

They also like to grind their claws by scratching things.

This habit causes the cat to scratch furniture often, which is annoying.

Therefore, this sisal cat playground can solve this problem perfectly.

It is divided into upper and lower layers. The base and upper platform are covered with a soft and comfortable plush. The cat can rest comfortably on it.

At the same time, its support column is wrapped in a layer of sisal rope, which can act as a cat scratching post, allowing the cat to scratch it.

Also, under the Chen platform, there is a stuffed toy ball and a stuffed mouse with bells. Cats like this kind of toy the most and they will attract cats' interest a lot.

If you love your cat, buy this cat playground!

Package Included:

1 * base

1 * pillar

1 * platform

2 * fixing screw



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