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Maxi soft and comfortable fur puff puff. Maxi sews calming for you and your Pet.

Maxi soft and comfortable fur puff puff. Maxi sews calming for you and your Pet.

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Maxi cuccia puff for you and your Pet. Maxi hairy cuccia for giant dogs. Maxi sewing beautiful. 

Washing machine: mechanical 

Origin: Mainland China

Material: 100% Cotton

1. The shape of this bed is round, which can make your pet feel safe and warm, and the super large size allow all the pets of your family to sleep on this bed. Maximize your pet's sense of safety

2. The size of the maxi cot is 160*90*30 cm/63*35*12, which can accommodate an adult or child. It can be used as a place of relaxation and fun for children. It's very hot. I think no child can refuse it. 

3. Its features include thick cushion edges for users to tuck their hands and feet into, orthopedic memory foam for ample support, and soft, luxurious faux fur that feels soothing to the touch. Its oval shape allows you to adopt a natural fetal sleeping position, allowing you to sleep like a baby in no time.

4. It was created to maximize comfort and promote a sense of security, providing relief to those suffering from ADHD, stress and anxiety issues.

5. A multifunctional nest, suitable for all or pets, no one will mind.

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Material: plush + 3D sponge
Material characteristics: soft, warm, comfortable and breathable 
Lining Material: cotton PP high elasticity + sponge
Product colour: grey

Size: 160 x 90 x 30 cm/63 x 35 x 12 inches


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