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Cucce Divine

Dog Kennel | Italian tailoring | Dandy's Store

Dog Kennel | Italian tailoring | Dandy's Store

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Dog Kennel | Italian tailoring | Dandy's Store

Vibrant Blue & Sunny Orange - Cuccia per Cani dall'Atmosfera Gioiosa | Dandy's Store 

Here is mum Giuli's choice, the Vibrant Blue & Sunny Orange dog bed, which captures the energy and liveliness of a cheerful personality like hers. The bright colors and microfiber engraving convey a feeling of joy and fun.

  • Made in Italy: This indoor kennel is made entirely in Italy, guaranteeing the highest quality craftsmanship.

  • High Quality Microfibre: The high-quality smooth microfiber outer material provides comfort and durability, while the inner cushion, made from the same engraved microfibre, is filled with synthetic down for your dog's maximum comfort.

  • Resistant and Waterproof: The PVC bottom is durable and waterproof, ensuring that the kennel remains clean and dry.

Available Sizes:

  • Media: 70cm L x 55cm P x 30cm A
  • Other sizes available to order with delivery within 30 days.

After purchasing the dog bed, you will have the opportunity to further customize it by choosing from different color and finish options for both the external edge and the internal cushion.

Give your faithful four-legged friend a bed that reflects his lively spirit with the Vibrant Blue & Sunny Orange.

Brand Cucce Divine 

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