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Durable, Personalized, Dog Bead and Pearl Dog Necklace, Unique, Luminous Large Beads. All unique pieces.

Durable, Personalized, Dog Bead and Pearl Dog Necklace, Unique, Luminous Large Beads. All unique pieces.

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  • Handmade

  • Materials: acrylic beads, Wood, Crimped, stainless steel wire, coated wire

    ↠ Our collars are handmade to order. They feature stainless steel wire for maximum durability with 326lb break strength and an o-ring to easily slide over your pet's head. The beads range from acrylic or wood in a multitude of colors and styles.

    ↠ Strong and durable, this collar not only looks great, but can hold up to 300lbs of pulling force. Our collars are classified as trendy collars and while they are sturdy and perfect for everyday use, we don't recommend them for pullers or heavy use. We highly recommend using a harness as the main restriction when walking your dog.

    📏 Sizing: Check out our size guide to know how to properly measure the collar for your pets.
    ↠ Take a soft, stitched tape measure and measure most of your dog's head. This is usually around the jaw and above the ears. This ensures that the slip-on collar can go over their head.
    ↠ Take a second measurement around the neck where you want your collar to sit relaxed. This is usually near the base of the neck. Leave enough room for at least two fingers to slide under the tape measure.
    ↠ If your head measurement is larger than your neck measurement, the collar will need to be sized according to your head measurement. As a general rule, the collar should be in size .5 "- 1" larger than the largest measurement to ensure a good fit.

    💡If you don't have a soft tape measure, we recommend using a piece of twine or yarn. Cut the string after taking the measurement and then lay it out on a flat surface and measure it with a metal meter.

    ⚠️ DISCLAIMER: Customers using our products acknowledge that Dandy's Store will not be liable to any person, pet or entity for any loss or damage caused, or allegedly caused, directly or indirectly by or from the products, information or ideas contained, suggested or referenced in any of our marketing materials, packaging or websites

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