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Cucce Divine

Dog Kennel | Corduroy | Made in Italy | Dandy's Store

Dog Kennel | Corduroy | Made in Italy | Dandy's Store

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Dog Kennel | Corduroy | Made in Italy | Dandy's Store

Soft Diva - Dog Kennel in Soft Corduroy, a Praise to Class | Dandy's Store 

Price starting from €220.00

The Soft Diva design is a tribute to the classic color that evokes elegance and sophistication, enriched by the soft texture of corduroy. This indoor kennel is an authentic expression of Italian style.

  • Made in Italy: The Soft Diva kennel is proudly made entirely in Italy, ensuring high quality craftsmanship.

  • High Quality Soft Corduroy: The soft corduroy outer material stands for luxury and comfort. The internal cushion, made with the same smooth velvet, is padded with synthetic down for impeccable comfort.

  • Resistant and Waterproof: The PVC bottom is durable and waterproof, ensuring that the kennel remains clean and dry.

Available Sizes:

  • S: 50cm x 40cm x 24cm 
  • M: 70cm x 55cm x 30cm 
  • L: 90cm x 70cm x 33cm
  • XL: 110cm x 70cm x 33cm
  • Sizes available to order with delivery within 30 days.

After purchasing the dog bed, you will have the opportunity to further customize it by choosing from different color and finish options for both the external edge and the internal cushion.

Offer your beloved dog a resting place where elegance and comfort blend perfectly with the Soft Diva.

Brand Cucce Divine - Made in Italy 

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