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Complete bed/kennel for dogs | Dandy’s Store

Complete bed/kennel for dogs | Dandy’s Store

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Sleeping Set for Dogs - Pillow, Cushion and Blanket with Fleece Sheet with Rouche Border

"Give your four-legged friend a comfortable and luxurious sleep with our dog sleep set. This exclusive set is designed to pamper your dog during his sleeping hours, ensuring unbeatable comfort.

The spacious cushion offers a large and comfortable resting area, ideal for dogs of all sizes. The pillow adds an extra layer of softness, ensuring your dog can sink into a deep, restful sleep.

The blanket with fleece sheet is the final touch of elegance. Bordered with a fine ruffle, this cover adds a touch of style and refinement to the set. Made from high quality materials, the fleece blanket is soft to the touch and perfect for keeping your dog warm on cooler nights.

Our dog sleeping set is designed to meet aesthetic and functional needs. The neutral shades complement any home decor, while the durable materials ensure durability.

Let's make your dog's nights unforgettable with our luxury sleep set. Give your furry friend the sleep he deserves and add a touch of elegance to your home."

Material: Cotton - Fleece - Piquet

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