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Baltic amber flea and tick collar with adjustable leather strap for cats and dogs - laboratory tested. Luxury chic accessories and clothing for dogs, cats and pets.

Baltic amber flea and tick collar with adjustable leather strap for cats and dogs - laboratory tested. Luxury chic accessories and clothing for dogs, cats and pets.

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Baltic amber collar with adjustable leather strap for dogs and cats - lab tested, flea and tick repellent.

Very fashionable unisex necklace, very useful for prevention

Main stone: Baltic amber 


100% handcrafted with authentic raw Baltic amber in Lithuania, the country of origin of amber. It can be used for dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, even if allergic, pregnant or lactating. Waterproof, odorless and does not affect your pet's sense of smell.


100% chemical-free, non-toxic, no insecticides. Safe for humans and animals, no side effects on your pet, family or home. The product description and instructions for use come with the product in a beautiful packaging box.


1) Amber contains an aromatic substance called terpenes. This produces a resinous aroma that comes from the friction between the amber and the hair. The release of resinous aromatic terpenes is what repels ticks, lice and fleas
2) Amber has an electrical resistance. Friction with the animal's fur produces an electrostatic effect. Your pet doesn't feel it, but ticks do. The electric shock works as an effective repellent against them.


it is very important to select the right size to avoid wasting time on product returns and exchanges. Please be sure to measure your pet's neck at the lowest point of the neck. For a good fit, leave 1-2 fingers gap and select the correct size from the size menu. Use the adjustable leather strap to make sure the collar fits snugly, but doesn't interfere with your breathing.

How to recognize true amber

Here are some ways you can apply yourself to tell true amber from fake:
1. Apply a few drops of nail polish remover - fake amber will get a little sticky - real amber won't be affected
2. Rub the amber into your palms so that the pearls lightly rub against each other, then smell the collar - real amber releases a clear pine scent
3. Faux amber smells like plastic when burned while real amber smells sweet when burned (non-acrid odor).                                                     4. Real amber beads do not have the same shape. In general, amber gives the impression of lightness, warmth and a complex luminous sheen. The fakes look heavy, cold, and appear to radiate a dull sheen.

What are the flea and tick prevention methods for cats and dogs?

Two choices: chemicals or biological products. But what if you or your pet are allergic to chemicals? What about pregnant, nursing, puppies and kittens pets? Would you risk having chemical effects on your pet, children or home? Surely not.

Cici's Story Amber Cat and Dog Collar is the proven natural flea and tick prevention tool. Suitable for dogs and cats, even allergic ones, pregnant or lactating. 100% chemical-free, no insecticides. Safe for humans and animals, with no side effects on your pet or family. Powerful pest control weapon and beautiful pet ornament.


It usually takes about 3 weeks of wear for maximum repellent properties. For the best effect it is important to use an unpolished amber collar. Over time, the amber beads polish by friction on the fur, so it is recommended to change the collars every year or even twice a season to ensure flea and tick repellent properties. As a jewel it can be used as long as the string is intact. It should be washed with cold water every two weeks. Do not use the amber necklace as a restraint device.

Legal disclaimer

We take no responsibility for the treatment or cure of any disease or illness. The amber collar is a preventative tool, so you need to consult your vet and exterminate fleas before moving on to the amber collar.

Not all remedies work the same for all pets and in such a case we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

We recommend that you use other organic products with the amber necklace to prevent and fight fleas and ticks.

Consult your vet about healthy eating and how it also affects flea and tick attacks

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