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Is a puppy dog or cat coming to your family? 

It will be one of the most important moments of your life so prepare in time to welcome your puppy dog or cat in the best possible way. 

When a puppy arrives in the house , there are several important things to take care of to ensure your well being and its adaptation to a new environment.

Here is a checklist of essential things to prepare:

  1. A bed or kennel: Make sure you have a comfortable, safe place for your puppy to rest. You can opt for a basket or a padded dog bed.

  2. Food and Bowls : Purchase a high-quality food that is appropriate for your puppy's age  and breed (you can ask the breeder or your vet for advice) . Make sure you have sturdy bowls for food and water.

  3. Games and toys: Puppies love to play. Provide them with a variety of age-appropriate toys to keep their minds and bodies active.

  4. Hygiene care : You will need puppy cleaning products, such as shampoo, brushes  and sanitary napkins.

  5. Collar and Leash: Even if your puppy is too young for walks at first, you'll still need an adjustable collar and leash when he's ready to go outside.

  6. Bathtub or Box: Prepare a safe place for the puppy, such as a bathtub or playpen, where he can stay when you are not home.

  7. Training and Socialization: Plan his training and socialization. A professional trainer can be helpful in getting you started on the right path.

  8. Visits to the Veterinarian: Book a veterinary visit for your puppy to ensure he is in good health and to discuss his vaccination and parasite treatment schedule.

  9. Sanitization: Be prepared to regularly clean and sanitize spaces where your puppy spends time. Hygiene is essential for your health. It is important to use products NOT HARMFUL for the puppy. I can advise you certified organic detergents made in Italy, non-toxic that respect animals, the environment and people, contact me here   to know more.

  10. Love and Patience: Don't forget that puppies require love, attention and patience. Be ready to dedicate time to its adaptation and development.

Remember that each puppy is an individual with unique needs, so you may need to adapt this list to suit their particular needs and your lifestyle.

The important thing is to provide your new friend with a safe and loving environment in which he can grow and thrive.

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