My name is Maria Cristina Ligorio and I have always loved all animals | Dandy's Store

Since I was a child I have been a lover of all animals and I suffered when I saw dogs or cats in trouble on the street or mistreated.

That is why I am here today and I try to do my best to help those who help all animals in need of food, medical care and shelter and to be adopted by a family that loves them all their lives.

Every day I select high quality, original, elegant and very nice items that you will not easily find elsewhere. 

Dandy's Store wants to become the reference e-commerce for all those who want to dress their pet in a chic and elegant way. 

Dandy's Store distributes only well-made items, with high quality materials and modern, glamorous and very fashion design. 

Thanks for all the help you will give by purchasing some items from this store, even if minimal it will be of great help for us. 

Watch this short video extracted from my interview dedicated to this project of mine VIDEO .

I wish you a good navigation in our store.

Maria Cristina Ligorio & Dandy 

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