How to teach your dog to swim to spend unforgettable holidays together.

MariaCristina Ligorio

  We are of the opinion that a dog , a cat or other animals living in the house with us are members of ours family and as such they must always be treated. 

  So when it arrives the summer there is no better way to enjoy it  our summer vacation that with a playful days in the water with our four-legged friend.

  You're obviously bringing your own Pet on vacation with you and if you want a nice swim  together with him to cool off during the day, that's it the best tips on how to teach him to swim.

 The choice of place

  If this is your first time in the water, the first important point to consider is the choice of location: it should be a quiet environment with good visibility (clear water) such as a swimming pool or lake. Avoid rivers, sea and other places with strong currents.

Toys, games and prizes

  USA toys  and rewards as a positive reinforcement to reassure yours Pet And  to make this moment a fun time and to strengthen your bond.

Pet care

  To be even more peaceful and to let your treasure swim in complete safety, I recommend that you wear one of ours life jackets cute and colorful with handle on the back ideal for boat trips to the lake and the sea. 


In this way your Love will always be with you even during your holidays by the lake or by the sea and you will have a great time! 

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