Aloe Vera gel for our four-legged friends. What are the benefits of Aloe Vera gel for dogs and cats?

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The benefits and uses of aloe in the treatment of dogs and cats

In the veterinary field, Aloe is widely used for the cure and treatment of various ailments. Here are some of the main benefits of using gel Aloe Vera for dogs and cats:

•    L’Aloe Vera it's a restorative natural, often recommended as an adjuvant for recovering animals and for i growing puppies

• Her anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antioxidant properties make theAloe Vera valid support in the treatment of joint pain and osteoarthritis 

•    L’Aloe Vera it's a immunostimulant with antiviral properties.

• Ha detoxifying properties, useful for purifying the liver and kidneys by helping them to eliminate toxins from the organism

•    The gel of Aloe Vera can be used for protect the digestive system

The use of the gel Aloe Vera must always be done in the doses and methods recommended by the veterinarian for the specific case.

The benefits of Aloe on the skin in version Gel for topical use 

Per topical use l’Aloe Vera It is useful for combating skin conditions such as:

•    dermatitis (seborrheic dermatitis)

•    mycosis

•    malassezia

•    burns

•    scars

Its properties analgesic, antibacterial and healing make theAloe Vera a very useful medical plant in the treatment of these affections and as an adjuvant for the healing of pet skin disorders. 

For the methods of use and dosages suitable for specific requirements for each dog and cat we recommend the administration of products based on Aloe Vera according to the therapeutic indications provided by their own veterinarian of trust.

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