Organic products for dogs and cats | 100% Made in Italy | Love yourself more and respect the environment with our help.

Dear* Friend*,

  in this blog I'll explain how to discover a range of products herbal medicines certificates 100% Made in Italy that won my heart. 

  You will be able to take care of yourself, your animals, your home and your health in a natural way and above all you will take care of the environment because these products are free from harmful chemicals and petrolatum. 

  The ingredients of all the products come from Italian organic crops. 

  You can consult the catalog with all the product categories in this link:

  You can join our big family by registering for free at this link

  For information, questions and curiosities do not hesitate to contact me.

  Maria Cristina Ligorio 

  Take care of yourself and the environment with nature as it once was..... with natural remedies.



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